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The BBC Cambridgeshire website posted a story on swing dancing today, featuring me and Lotte answering some funny questions in a short video interview. There’s even some shots of all of us doing the Shim Sham, and if you listen really closely you can hear us talking to a woman on her bicycle who wanted to know why not all of us were dressed up in 40s gear. It was all pretty unplanned, and the music’s timing is a little off, but we really enjoyed doing it. Hopefully a few more people will hear about us as well.

5 thoughts on “BBC Article”

  1. Funny thing is, the first thing she asked us during the sound check was “what’s your name and why are you here?” and I said “Matte and Lot”, and we both giggled because I got my own name wrong. Ooops!

  2. got the video to play…so cute…and good on ya for taking it to the streets.

    We’ve been popping by some classes here in Tallahassee, and the last couple times, they’ve had Paul do some teaching!

  3. Nice one!

    It takes some pretty cool-cucumber skills to answer questions from the crowd, be filmed by a BBC camera crew and dance a routine- all at the SAME TIME!

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