UCPD Police Assault Student in University Library

If anyone needed any more evidence that the U.S. has become an out of control police state in the last few years, just watch the horrifying video that is doing the rounds today. The student was not able to produce ID on request. Despite the fact that he is quite clearly attempting to comply with the police, he was brutally attacked by several officers with a taser, a technology which is not used in many countries because of the potentially lethal effects. For more about the incident, see Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers and Community responds to Taser use in Powell in Daily Bruin, UCLA. Warning: the video below is distressing.

2 thoughts on “UCPD Police Assault Student in University Library”

  1. Wow Zot. I hadn’t heard anything about this. It is distressing to say the least. But the guy was also being an ass. You are right. The U.S. is becoming an out-of-control police state. And living here, you have to know that the police will not tolerate any amount of dissent. In reading the comments posted on YouTube you get basically 2 opinions: the guy asked for it and the guy didn’t do anything wrong. I can tell you, as an older and wiser man than that kid is, I would not be yelling about the Patriot Act nor would I insist that the officer take his hands off of me. I would simply comply. I guess authority means something different to each us.

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