Hello Cambridge

Posted by matthew on Jan 27, 2006 in cambridge, life |

And here’s the new flat in Cambridge. We were really impressed with how big it feels, and it still feels brand new. We’re only the second tenants since it was built in 2004. Lotte’s demonstrating how to make a chicken stir fry with our new stirfry pan from Tesco, which we ate on our new plates from Tesco. In fact just about everything we’ve bought so far (including our groceries) has been from Tesco. It’s not our first choice to support a giant megastore chain, but well, we’ve got a limited choice at the moment and it really does have everything. We’ve made what seems like dozens of trips there already, stuffing our little back packs full every time.

The place was fully furnished, so the fridge, book case, couch, kitchen setting and desk were all waiting for us. The best thing about the place is the floor, which is some kind of faux wood and will probably come in pretty handy when we want to practice dancing.

Probably the most surprising thing was the bedroom seems an awful lot bigger than at our place in Melbourne. It could be because the bed is only a double, but it really does feel pretty big. Both rooms have windows onto a courtyard, which has a bike shed on one side that is always crammed to the gills with bikes. Lotte was pretty happy about that.

Today’s major Tesco purchase was a micro stereo system, bought mostly based on being the cheapest one we could find that had audio input, so that we can use AirTunes. Wouldn’t be without it. It’s all plugged in and pumping out the tunes now.