Posted by matthew on Mar 4, 2006 in life, technology |

After a very sad start to the week, we were really glad to have some good news yesterday. Lotte has got a job! She’ll be working as a Cover Supervisor (teaching assistant) at a fantastic school called Parkside Community College, right in the middle of Cambridge. She’s overjoyed because the school is particularly good and the staff were really nice. They have a fantastic media arts programme and have dance and drama as part of the curriculum, which is what was important to Lotte. We’ve been looking at the website and hoping they would advertise something Lotte could apply for since before we left Australia. As if that wasn’t enough, on the same day I found out I’ll be getting a new Macbook Pro. Tonight our friends Simon and George are coming up to visit us from London, and we’re going to celebrate Lotte’s new job by going out to dinner.