Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize

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The Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize was held in Sydney for the first time on Saturday night. From my perspective it was a really fantastic occasion, and generated a lot of excitement and interest in a scene that hasn’t seen AHP close up before.

Evan Hughes and Francine Jeffrey, Australian Hellzapoppin Prize winners 2009

Evan Hughes and Francine Jeffrey, Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize winners 2009

The winners this year were Evan and Francine from Melbourne, who were only narrowly defeated by Cam and Noni in the final of last year’s event. The list of winners remains dominated by Victorians, however, so there is a strong argument for keeping it moving around the country. If you or someone you know runs a Lindy Hop event that you think would be a good match for AHP and you would like to host it in 2010 or 2011, drop me a line!

2009 Francine Jeffrey & Evan Hughes (VIC)
2008 Noni Clarke & Cam Mitchell (VIC)
2007 Cathie Gough & Kieran Yee (VIC)
2006 Annie Ryan & Shane McCarthy (WA)
2004 Noni Clarke & Josh McKiterick (VIC)
2003 Sarah Farrelly & Anthony Wheaton (VIC)
2002 Nicole Smith & John Tenaglia (VIC)

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