Lindy Hop



I began teaching Lindy Hop in 1999, and taught beginners, intermediate and advanced classes at Swing Central in Melbourne for 6 years before relocating to Cambridge in early 2006. I have also taught at various Lindy Hop workshops with my partner and wife Lotte, both in Australia and in the UK. I’ve studied swing dancing around the world, taking classes from the best teachers I can find. I’m probably best known as the original organiser of one of Australia’s best loved international Lindy Hop events, the Melbourne Lindy Exchange, from 2001-2004.

In 2002 I established the Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize (AHP), now regarded as one of Australia’s finest Lindy Hop contests, and I remain the custodian of the event as it travels between cities each year.  I was Head Judge for the Australian Jitterbug Championships in 2005 and for AHP in 2009, 2010 and 2011. I was a founding member of the Lindy troupe Crazy Rhythm Revue in Melbourne, and after moving to Cambridge helped form the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, serving as its inaugural President and teacher. I have been invited to DJ at events around the world, including SwingCity 2003 in Harlem, the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and won DJ battles at the Paris Lindy Exchange in 2004 and in Perth in 2005.

Dance Instruction

2023 – present

Teacher, Lindyhop drop-in classes, Hopspot, SwingInUtrecht, Utrecht.

Teacher with Lotte, Lindyhop 1A course, SwingInUtrecht, Utrecht.

2014, March

Senior instructor with Lotte, Lindyhop Charleston dance workshop, Port Fairy Folk Festival

2009, May-July

Senior instructor with Lotte, 8 week swing master class course, Cuban Dance Academy

2008, Nov

Senior instructor with Lotte, 5 week swing rueda course, Cuban Dance Academy

2008, Aug – Dec

Senior instructor with Lotte, Carnivale, Suede Bar

2006, Oct – 2008, Feb

Senior Instructor with Lotte, Cambridge Lindy Hoppers

2007, Nov

Workshop Instructor with Lotte, Future Sounds of Swing, Leeds, England


Instructor, Lindy Hop Swing Dancing, MUSU Short Course, University of Melbourne

1999, August – 2006, Jan

Senior Instructor, Swing Central and SwingShift Melbourne

Dance Organisation and Management

2011, June

Head Judge, Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize, annual national Lindy Hop contest, Hobart

2010, Nov

Head Judge, Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize, annual national Lindy Hop contest, Melbourne

2009, Oct

Head Judge, Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize, annual national Lindy Hop contest, Sydney

2008, Aug – 2009, May

Organiser with Lotte, Monday Night Workout, weekly social learning dance workshop.

2008, Aug – Dec

Resident DJ, Carnivale, Suede Bar

2008, Nov

Judge, Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize, annual national Lindy Hop contest, Melbourne

2007, October

Cambridge Lindy Exchange, UK, Chair

2006, Oct – 2008, Feb

President, Cambridge Lindy Hoppers

2007, Aug – 2008, Feb

DJ and organiser for The Speakeasy, regular live jazz night, Cambridge, England


Head Judge, Australian Jitterbug Championships

2004, November

Swing City Melbourne: International Swing Festival, Artistic Director & Coordinator

2004, November

Hellzapoppin’ World Championships: International Lindy Hop Contest, Coordinator

2004, April

Easter Hop, Annual Ball, Organiser

2004, March

Judge, Jack & Jill and Strictly Lindy sections, Australian Jitterbug Championships

2004, February

Founding member of Crazy Rhythm Revue, Lindy Hop dance troupe.

2004, January

Bill and Julee’s European Tour (Amsterdam, Zurich and Helsinki) Organiser

2003, November

Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize 2003, annual dance award and contest, Chair

2003, November

Melbourne Lindy Exchange, Annual Dance Camp & Workshop, Chair

2003, April

Anzac Hop (Easter Hop), Annual Ball, Organiser

2003, April

Rusty Frank’s Down Under Tour, Organiser

2003, February

Judge, Jack & Jill section, Australian Jitterbug Championships 2003

2002, November

Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize, inaugural dance award and contest, Chair

2002, November

Melbourne Lindy Exchange, Annual Exchange, Dance Camp & Workshop, Chair

2002, October

Rob and Diane’s Surprise Tour, Organiser

2002, September – May 2004

‘Ballyhoo’, mid-week social dance event, Organiser.

2002, March

Easter Hop, Annual Ball, Organiser

2002, January

Established Sweet Hot & Blue Website to support swing dancing in Australia

2001, November

Melbourne Lindy Exchange, inaugural Dance Camp & Workshop, Chair

2001, April

Easter Hop, Annual Ball, Organiser

2000, April

Easter Hop, Annual Ball, Organiser

2000, April

Founded SwingShift Melbourne, Swing Dance Instruction and Events

2000 – 2004

Resident weekly Swing DJ, Mayfields, Fitzroy

Dance Performances and Appearances

2009, July

Choreography, teaching and performance with students of ‘A Tribute to Frankie Manning’, ‘Roots of Rhythm’, St Martin’s Youth Theatre, Melbourne.

2007, May

Lindy Hop workshop for CUCDW at St John’s College.

2007, Jan

CUCDW production of Elemental at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge.

2006, Nov

Fitzwilliam College Ball: Masked at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

2006, Nov

Lead a short dance class at the BBC Children in Need event in Duxford, and appeared on the BBC News.

2006, September

Babylon Gallery, Ely – Dance demonstration on the History of Swing Dancing

2006, June

CUCDW Garden Party at St John’s.

2005, February

Performance with Crazy Rhythm Revue at The Holland Festival, Sandown Entertainment Centre, Melbourne.

2004, November

Performance with Crazy Rhythm Revue at SwingCity Melbourne.

2004, July

Performance with Crazy Rhythm Revue at the Hungarian Community Centre, Melbourne.

2004, March

Performance with Crazy Rhythm Revue at The Heart of Variety Ball, Plaza Ballroom, Melbourne.

2004, March

Performance with Crazy Rhythm Revue at Seniors Festival, Hawthorn Town Hall.

2003, April

Interviewed on Time of Your Life, Channel 31 TV show [Quicktime: 15Mb]

2002, August

Interviewed for Yehoodi Talk Show, Internet radio programme, New York City

2002, February

Interviewed with Pat Noakes on the swing revival, Williamstown Jazz Festival, WIN FM radio station

2001, November

Zip Gun Bop Routine, Swing Central Dance Troup with Jitterbugs New Zealand, Melbourne Lindy Exchange

2001, June

Featured Dancer, Pearl Harbor VIP Australian Movie Premier, Melbourne

2001, January

Performance at ‘A Tribute to Louis Armstrong’ by Peter Gaudion, Athaneum Theatre, Melbourne International Jazz Festival

1999 – 2006

Principal dancer, Swing Central Dance Troupe (regular performances)

DJ Bio

Matt has been DJing since 1999, and particularly loves to work the floor with a combination of tunes from swingin’ small bands, riffs straight out of New Orleans and Kansas City, and Savoy big band classics. He has been a DJ at some of the biggest Lindy Hop events around the globe, including 4 times in Herräng (Sweden), SwingCity 2003 (Harlem) and SwingCity 2004 (Melbourne), Hop in the Spring (Hamburg), Barswingona, The Snowball (Stockholm) and the London Lindy Exchange. He was the first Australian guest DJ on Yehoodi Radio, has won DJ battles from Paris to Perth and recently ran his first ever DJ Masterclass.

Manu Smith, International Lindy Hop instructor and DJ

“Matt kicked my butt at last year’s Melbourne Lindy Exchange. The only reason I won was because it would look bad if the guy who was running the event, won the DJ battle also. It was a pleasure DJing with him. He and I share a common passion for music that really swings and I must say, he’s an excellent choice…besides myself of course!”

Solomon Douglas, International Lindy Hop instructor and DJ

“Matt’s DJing reminds me eerily of my own. He plays lots of really great music and no fluff, and it all swings like mad and makes me want to either stay on the dancefloor or jog over to the DJ booth and ask what’s playing!”

DJ Highlights

2022 – present

Regular DJ appearances at HopSpot, Utrecht.

2009 – 2019

Regular DJ appearances at The Fun Pit, Melbourne.

2009, Oct

Invited Swing DJ, Sydney Lindy Exchange

2009, 19 June & 14 August

Invited Swing DJ, The Fun Pit, Melbourne

2008, November

Invited Swing DJ, Melbourne Lindy Exchange


Resident Swing DJ, Carnivale, weekly social dance event, Melbourne

2007, December

Invited Swing DJ, The Snowball, Sweden

2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

Invited Swing DJ, Herräng Dance Camp, Sweden

2007, April

Invited Swing DJ, Barswingona, Barcelona, Spain

2006, July

Invited Swing DJ, Dublin, Ireland

2006, March

Invited Swing DJ and DJ Battle, Hop in the Spring, Hamburg, Germany

2006, March

Invited Swing DJ, London Lindy Exchange, England

2004, November

1st Place, Battle of the DJs, Club Splanky Xmas Bash, Perth Swing Dance Society, Perth

2004, April

Guest DJ, Diga Diga Doo, social dance event, Melbourne

2004, February

Guest DJ, Yehoodi Radio Show, Internet radio programme, New York City

2004, January

1st Place, Battle of the DJs, Paris Lindy Exchange, France

2003, June

2nd Place, International Battle of the DJs, Melbourne Lindy Exchange

2003, June

Invited Swing DJ and competitor in Battle of the DJs at SwingCity, Harlem Jazz Dance Festival, New York City

2002, September – May 2004

‘Ballyhoo’, mid-week social dance event, Resident DJ

2002, January

Invited Swing DJ, Lismore Dance Camp 2002


Two appearances as Guest Swing DJ on ‘Rock N Roll Heaven’, 96.5 Inner FM radio station

Dance Training

2007, Oct

Workshops, London Balboa Festival, London, England

2006, March

Workshops, Hop in the Spring, Hamburg, Germany

2004, April

Workshops, Hullabaloo, Perth Lindy Exchange

2004, January

Workshops, Bill Borgida & Julee Mertz, Amsterdam

2003, June

Workshops, Harlem Jazz Dance Festival/Swing City Harlem

2003, April

Rusty Frank Workshops, Melbourne (assistant teacher)

2003, February

SEA Jam, Singapore

2000, 2001 and 2002

Herräng Dance Camp, Sweden: participated in intensive workshops up to Advanced level by The Rhythm Hot Shots, Frankie Manning, Paul Overton & Sharon Ashe, Rob and Diane Van Haaren, Steven Mitchell and Virginie Jensen, Bill Borgida, Dawn Hampton, Chester Whitmore, Peter Loggins & Lisa Ferguson, Janice Wilson, and many others (6 weeks total).

2002, February

Frankie Manning Workshop, Melbourne

2002, January

Lismore Dance Camp 2002, Steven Mitchell & Virginie Jensen Lindy Hop workshops

2001, April

Lismore Dance Camp 2001, Steven Mitchell & Virginie Jensen Lindy Hop workshops

2001, March

Hollywood Down Under Workshop: Hollywood Style and Boogie Woogie workshop by Marcus Koch & Bärbl Kaufer (Munich), Geelong.

2000, September

Hoppin’ With The Hotshots: Lindy Hop workshop with Eddie Jansson and Eva Lagerqvist (Sweden), Melbourne


Lindy Hop workshop with Mattias Lundmark and Ewa Staremo (Sweden), Melbourne

1999 – 2006

Studied Lindy Hop Swing, Charleston, Blues and Balboa with Pat Noakes, Swing Central