Horoscope time

At a meeting at work today one person was talking about horoscopes, and as a result mine was read aloud.

The prevailing influence brings a strong masculine energy into the day and may increase your sexual appetite. Now that’s not a bad thing, so plan a bit of fun tonight. But through the day you shouldn’t flirt or that may be taken the wrong way! Keep your energy firmly focussed on achieving your goals.

Now, when they got to the part in bold of course everyone was in hysterics. I started to turn a nice shade of bright pink and everyone wanted to know what starsign Lotte was. Naturally the next thing that was read out was hers:

Happy Birthday Virgo: This should be the perfect day to attain a goal, make a dream come true or fulfil an ambition. All things can be realised when you take a stand, be courageous and work for your own benefit. This is not a hostile thing; you just want to know you’ve done it alone! Plan a hot and sultry romantic night if that’s possible!

Of course they had to add that last line just to embarass me in front of my colleages, didn’t they?

Intel inside

So it’s true. Apple is putting Intel chips into Macs from next year. The five stages of Intel Macs has an amusing take on the way it panned out. For the full story, you need to see the Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote.

I’ve been mulling it over for a week now and I guess I’m starting to see the sense in it. They’re not talking about ditching Apple hardware, just about making it faster and cheaper. They’re also not talking about another painful OS9 -> OSX type jump. Anything that runs on PPC will still run courtesy of Rosetta, with a 30-40% speed hit that will be at least partly compensated for by the horsepower of the new boxes. And developers are for the most part very positive, meaning that we shouldn’t see a return to the days of Copland when developers started leaving in droves. The proof of the pudding will be how smooth the transition is, of course, and how well Apple is able to ride out the inevitable blip in its sales as people wait for the new boxes to arrive in a year’s time.