Melbourne Visit

Posted by matthew on Feb 21, 2007 in travel

It’s a very confusing feeling to go ‘home’ to Melbourne and then arrive ‘home’ in Cambridge. More than ever it feels as though there are two parallel universes, each with its own distinct system of spacetime. For instance, I had this overwhelming sensation of travelling back in time as we got to Melbourne. As we drove around familiar streets in the car we hadn’t seen for a year (it still has that new smell) we slipped back into Melbourne’s rhythms accompanied by the sounds of familiar bands and songs and (“remember THIS?”) intelligent public debate on the radio. Even our old mates Ian and Heidi were back in Melbourne, which was even more puzzling since they’d also been in England until very recently.

We got far more achieved in our 20 days than we’d dreamed, including wrestling with two storage units for 4 hours in order to reduce them to one, finding some needed tax records, dozens of work meetings, and some hundreds of hours of much needed social and family time. I decided to edit down our photos into a short slideshow as a QuickTime movie. It’s 6Mb, so beware that it might take a while to download. Download Slideshow