How BSG Killed TV

Posted by matthew on Aug 29, 2005 in tv

Further to my previous post, see this article from Mindjack if you need any more convincing or if you just want to know some more details. Download the presentation this article is based on with Bittorrent here. The end of the broadcast age is nigh, I tell ya.


BSG Season 2

Posted by matthew on Aug 23, 2005 in tv

So now I will turn my attention to something far more interesting, and certainly more enjoyable. The new Battlestar Galactica. Season 2 is now upon us. At least, if you are in the US or have access to recordings from the US. There is no indication that any of the Australian free to air networks have picked up Season 2, despite (or perhaps due to) Network Ten’s botched airing of the first series down under. So local BSG fans have no idea if or when it will arrive here.

Enter peer 2 peer networks like Bittorrent. Newspapers are reporting that Australian TV viewers are increasingly turning to downloading episodes of series like BSG out of frustration. Speaking hypothetically of course, if I was to engage in any bittorrenting, I know I would still be keen to watch a series like BSG on free to air TV. I’m a big enough fan to even go to the expense of purchasing the entire series on DVD. I’m already planning to get the first series on DVD and I’ve watched that through a couple of times now. Just about all the other BSG fans I know are similarly committed to owning the series on DVD. It might just be a BSG thing, I don’t know.

What it says to me is that networks will be increasingly under pressure to air series that enjoy international success more quickly. It just can’t be sustainable for Australian networks to withold episodes for 12 months or more when your average 10 year old can download them from the US the day after their release. Sure it’s a hassle to download, and it’s bandwidth that you pay for, but if the alternative is waiting indefinitely, people will do it.

Anyway, all that being said, I am really enjoying Season 2 of BSG. Not only is the plot in this series more involved than the last one, the characters are being revealed in more detail, which is the most engaging thing of all for me. I heartily recommend it to anyone, even if you have no interest at all in Sci Fi. Suffice to say that the issues explored are very relevant to today’s headlines, and also include the sort of timeless themes of a real masterpiece. I just cannot speak highly enough of the writing, the direction and the acting in this show. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, track down the New Battlestar Galactica mini series in your local video shop — it’s easy to find and it watches just like a movie. You’ll be hooked.



Posted by matthew on Aug 23, 2005 in health, life

Today I have been thinking about why I haven’t been blogging much lately. It’s simple really. I’m sick of hearing myself whine about being sick. It seems to be the main topic of conversation everywhere and with everyone, and it seems to affect just about every aspect of life. So I can’t be bothered writing about it here any more. I want to be over it. I want to just put it behind me like it was last week’s news. So I think I will.


Research project timeline

Posted by matthew on Aug 19, 2005 in eroleplay.net, research

August 19: Contact ethics committee about change of student cohort
August 26: Revise questionnaire & interview questions
September 2-9: Prepare for questionnaire & interviews to be conducted
September 16: Observe The Campaign class in action & brief students on project
September 23: Administer questionnaire during class
September 30: Select interviewees
October 7: Observe The Campaign press conference
October 14: Conduct interviews


Secret to Bush’s success

Posted by matthew on Aug 12, 2005 in funny, politics

I’ve finally found out what Bush’s secret is. “When people hear the President speak, frankly they think he’s really stupid. But what people don’t realize is that there is a genius behind the stupidity”. See for yourself.


The 3 Worst Things About Day Surgery

Posted by matthew on Aug 9, 2005 in health, life

You might think that going into hospital at 6.45am for a ‘day procedure’ requiring general anaesthetic and swallowing a camera so someone can snip some bits of your stomach and oesophagous out for tests would be bad enough. Indeed you might be right. However I’ve discovered that the three worst things about day surgery aren’t really directly to do with surgery at all.

1. Trying to sleep the night before. For someone who has never been under a general in his life I think I was pretty cool calm and collected about the whole thing. But it was just like going on a big trip — you just don’t want to miss that plane. So even though I got to sleep by about 10.30pm I kept waking up… 4am, 4.30am, 5.00am, 5.15am, 5.35am… etc. etc. The most annoying thing? We got to the hospital ahead of time and were directed by a security guy up to the doctor’s suite where we waited for 30 mins. When nobody arrived we finally found out we had been told the wrong thing and had to go to Admissions, one level down. Thanks, security guy.

2. Getting your car towed. Yes, I was sleepy and distracted, and it was dark when we arrived. However, it was still pretty stupid to misread the sign on Victoria Parade. I think I only read the part where it said we could park for 2 hours from 9.30am. Not the part that said TOW AWAY ZONE 7am-9.30am. Our brand new car is now sitting in a pound somewhere in the city.

3. Daytime TV sucks. Man, I always forget just how much. When Oprah Winfrey and Judge Judy are the highlights of the day’s viewing, “you got problems”. Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening.

Anyway the doc says everything looks normal in my gullet, so that’s a positive.