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Gothenburg Lindy Exchange
Copenhagen Workshop
Liv en Maarten
Liv and Maarten’s visit


Busy Tuesdays

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At the moment, Tuesday evenings can end up being quite cramped, between playing cricket for Cav and performance trainings with CLH, but last week was something else. It turned out my team had three games scheduled on the same evening (needless to say we could only complete one).¬† This caused quite a bit of confusion and bemusement, particularly for the teams we didn’t end up playing. The good news is we won the game we did play, and went to 7 wins from 8 games in the League. After the game, Lotte and I headed to The Snug to hear Torben Rees Trio perform again (I recommend getting a hold of Torben’s first CD, by the way). As usual we had a bit of a dance in the tiny space between the band and the tables¬† — if you have Facebook here’s a link to a video posted by James.

Team Photo, Churchill College, July 31 2007.