ascilite Research Grant

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It’s official now, so I guess I can announce it here.  I’m really happy to have been awarded a small ascilite research grant for a proposed project on ‘ICTs in the daily lives of Australian university students’, which follows up on the work Mike Arnold and I started here at Cambridge.  It’s a fun project, involving giving students cameras and diaries, and asking them to record their daily lives by answering a few questions 10 times in a day. Best of all it gives me something to plan for when I get back to Melbourne.  It’s 9 weeks today until we leave…


Catch up time

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Okay.  I just took a quick look at my photo library to see how far I’ve let my blog slide lately, and came up with the following list of events since my last entry! Yikes.  So, I finally got around to uploading photos albums each one — go to the Photos page to see them.  If it seems like there has been a lot going on lately, there has.  These are just the things we have photos for.  There were lots of other important things going on!  The biggest and most time consuming was Lotte’s Visa Application, which weighed 1.7 kg and basically took Lotte 3 months of full time work (keep your fingers crossed).  We also launched a new weekly live jazz club called The Speakeasy at the on August 27, which has been a great success.  I presented at the ALT-C and BERA Conferences in September and at a research symposium called Poke 1.0 this month (no photos, but I’m sure you know what a conference looks like). The cricket season ended well, with Cavendish winning the league with 9 wins and 1 loss.  We’ve had lots of new challenges to keep us busy too. Work for me has been quite intense since the start of October, because I have been conducting the second phase of the day experience stuff we started last term. Meanwhile Lotte has got herself two part time jobs: selling soap at Lush, and summarising news articles for important people at the Government News Network. All this, and trying to plan for our wedding next year!



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Brussels - Simon & Brenda's wedding
Simon & Brenda’s wedding in Brussels
Visit to Zeeland 



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 CLX 2007

Cambridge Lindy Exchange



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CLH Workshop and Tea Dance
Workshop & Tea Dance
Air Force Ball
Air Force Ball performance
Venice  France
Trip to Germany, Italy & France



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Gothenburg Lindy Exchange
Copenhagen Workshop
Liv en Maarten
Liv and Maarten’s visit


Busy Tuesdays

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At the moment, Tuesday evenings can end up being quite cramped, between playing cricket for Cav and performance trainings with CLH, but last week was something else. It turned out my team had three games scheduled on the same evening (needless to say we could only complete one).  This caused quite a bit of confusion and bemusement, particularly for the teams we didn’t end up playing. The good news is we won the game we did play, and went to 7 wins from 8 games in the League. After the game, Lotte and I headed to The Snug to hear Torben Rees Trio perform again (I recommend getting a hold of Torben’s first CD, by the way). As usual we had a bit of a dance in the tiny space between the band and the tables  — if you have Facebook here’s a link to a video posted by James.

Team Photo, Churchill College, July 31 2007.


Reasons Herräng Sucks

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  1. The limo service is expensive.
  2. You get tired, sweaty, and stinky.
  3. It’s hard to sleep.
  4. In real life people aren’t quite as into Lindy Hop as seems necessary.
  5. As soon as you leave, you want to go back.



What every news anchor should do

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The cringeworthy coverage of Paris Hilton’s every silly move has got to stop somewhere, but news services complain that they’re just giving the public what they want. Of course everyone knows these same services are the ones that set the agenda, carefully cultivating our tastes and then cashing in on them later. Which is why I loved this video segment so much. Yesterday MSNBC’s Morning Joe news anchor Mika Brzezinski decided she was not going to lead the news with Paris flouncing out of prison, and ends up tearing the story up on camera. Someone give that woman a medal. Watch here: MSNBC anchor tears up Paris script


Emma Ball

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Matt being juggled around at Emma May Ball.We attended our second ever Cambridge May Ball on Monday night. The troupe was booked to perform at 2am, so we had a lot of time to kill, about 1 and a half hours of which was taken up by standing in line for food at one of the several hamburger/crepe stands that seem to be at every ball. This left us a little bored, so I decided to take part in a juggling demo (involving one of my co-workers as I later learnt). That’s a bread-stick in my mouth, by the way.

The boys performing Darktown Strutters BallThe performance went over really well. There’s a quick change where the girls run off and get out of their Charleston outfits, so this picture is of the boys having a bit of a shim-sham battle to Darktown Strutters Ball.

Matt and Lotte teaching at Emma BallAfterwards we conducted a class. The room was really beautiful, and it was only a slight challenge to think of steps that work well for the girls in high heels and ball gowns.