Battlestar Galactica

Posted by matthew on Mar 24, 2005 in tv

Last night I watched Battlestar Galactica for the first time. It was the first Battlestar Galactica experience for me. I haven’t even seen the original movie, although I did know of its existence. Odd, since I’m a sci fi fan from way back.

I really enjoyed most of the episode (105: You can’t go home again). I was put off a little by some of the camerawork, which reminded me of some of the worst of NYPD Blue’s indulgence in deliberate camera wiggling for no reason. Being a huge fan of Blade Runner I was fascinated seeing Edward James Omos in a sci fi role again. His performance was good. I liked Starbuck a lot. Celebrity crush ahoy. Apollo seemed a little nancy-boyish for my liking (sorry if that offends anyone, it’s just a feeling I had).

I think I’m going to be watching more often from now on — I might even try to track down the series on DVD because I think it’s moving to a 10.30pm timeslot which could get a little late.


One ‘flu over the Easter eggs

Posted by matthew on Mar 24, 2005 in health, life

It seems that there is some kind of ‘flu going around Melbourne, and today is Lotte’s third day in a row of suffering. I seem to have been lucky to escape with a day of headaches, whle she has the full-blown symptons. So she’s back at the doctor today for an assessment. Being an asthma sufferer, she has to be careful. Unfortunately this has put a bit of a dampener on the last day of work before Easter. The Easter Hop is tonight, but Lotte will probably miss it, and then we are having a Dutch Easter brunch at our place tomorrow. She’s concerned that she might not have enough energy to do everything she wanted to do before the brunch. Our plans for a getaway over part of Easter could also be in jeopardy.

Anyway the plan for tonight is that I’ll get there around 6.15pm, set up the Easter Hop decorations and organise the raffle. I have tickets and various prizes. Just need to get an Easter hamper of some sort today (mental note). Tomorrow we’ll be boiling lots of eggs (we seem to have about 4 dozen in the fridge at home) and painting them, Dutchie style. Lotte’s also planning to make a few other Dutch treats like paasbrood (Easter bread filled with almond paste). Lekker. There should be about 12 of us at the brunch all up — quite a test for our humble abode. I’ll post pictures.