Posted by matthew on Apr 7, 2005 in health, life |

Phew, today was a busy day. It started with a meeting that didn’t happen. Second time I’ve been stood up by this particular client — was it something I said? Anyway that meant I could go and get a cup of coffee, which wasn’t all bad. Then straight to a planning meeting, after which I met up with Lotte for a hurried but enjoyable lunch on Lygon. Lotte had been to the doctor for about the third time in three weeks — this time for a weird rash behind her ears — some kind of allergic reaction. She’s been having bad luck lately. Then I had to rush back to the office for another project meeting. I try not to schedule 3 meetings in a day because they generally go for 1.5 hrs each, so it leaves little time for preparation. And sometimes meetings go over-time. It’s not that I don’t really like meetings, though. Truth is, a lot of my work centres around meetings, and when they’re good, I’m in my element. The third meeting today was like that. A good project meeting can achieve a lot.