15,000 and counting

Posted by matthew on Apr 20, 2005 in life |

A couple of days ago I backed up my blog just for the hell of it. I was amazed to find that I’d written more than 15,000 words in a little over a month here. That sort of workrate would mean I could write a PhD thesis in under 9 months. If only it was as easy as writing in a blog.

I do believe, however, that having a blog builds the habit of writing. My other blog — the one I use to compile my MA thesis — has been proof of that. While it’s been quiet there lately I found that while I was writing stuff leading up to my progress report, the blog was a huge help.

Today was a really good day for a whole bunch of reasons, particularly after having such a crap day yesterday. The main thing about yesterday was a silly work related issue, and today that issue became resolved in many ways for me. That was a very positive start. Then, when I was having coffee with my boss he brought up the new iMac G5 that I’d put in for. He’s approved the purchase, so hopefully I will be getting that some time soon. I also got some other really good news that I will have to report on in a later blog entry. All in all, a brilliant day.

The only downside was that Lotte left tonight for Hullabaloo and I won’t be leaving until Friday night. It’s going to be pretty boring at work for the next couple of days waiting to get over to Perth myself. But it will be a great weekend.