Flurry of plans

Posted by matthew on Nov 23, 2005 in dance, travel |

Tonight Lotte and I registered for Goodnight Sweetheart in February and the London Lindy Exchange in March. Places tend to sell out of these things in the UK we’ve been told, so it was time to commit. Also I found out I’ve been picked to represent Australia in the 3rd annual World DJ Championships at GNSH, which is going to be huge fun. And just yesterday I got a casual invitation up to the International Centre for Research on Learning at the University of Dundee in Scotland. I might take them up on that offer to do a presentation of some sort. We’ve also planned our first side-trip to Holland, only 6 days after our arrival in the UK! The air fares are amazing — for 100 GBP we get there and back, and that’s including insurance. Handy.