Byebye Melbourne

Posted by matthew on Jan 27, 2006 in life, melbourne |

Apologies for the slight break in transmission. We’ve been pretty busy moving out of our place in Melbourne and, then into our new place in Cambridge. We took just a couple of snaps before we left to remind us of the old place. This one was taken at our farewell party on the Monday night before we left. A word of warning: if you’re ever moving overseas and you have your farewell party 48 hours before departure you’re going to have a lot of cleaning up to do, and you might consider moving most of your furniture beforehand. We got out of it without too much trouble by giving away just about everything we possibly could to our friends as they left the party. People left with all sorts of items, including chocolates, kitchen utensils, cricket bats and ancient technological clutter.

One last look at our little house. It looks so sunny looking back on it. We’ll be back soon, little house! Honest.