Offline Role-plays Podcast

Posted by matthew on Jul 13, 2006 in education, educause, research

This second podcast is about role-plays as well, but this time the role-plays don’t use online technologies at all. The Knowledge Resource Network (KRN), sponsored by the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI), aims to make learning materials developed for the CMI M.Phil. courses available to other UK higher education institutions. The KRN Project identified a number of role-plays as exemplars for possible reuse. This presentation to the CARET Evaluation Group describes a qualitative research project to investigate the usage of these role-plays. Also on The Zotcast.


It’s finished.

Posted by matthew on Jul 13, 2006 in education, roleplays

Phew. A long journey has finally come to an end. The work for my MA I began in 1997 (yes, 9 years ago) has been completed with the finalisation of my thesis. If you’re curious, you can read it here: The roles actors perform. Of course, I could still crash and burn if the examiners don’t like it, but I live in hope. I’m just happy it’s over!