A Refreshing Moment

Posted by matthew on Jan 24, 2007 in funny

Ok, this is one of the things that the internet is good for. The Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award is a contest for budding film-makers run every year, and this year’s theme is pretty funny. “This year’s screenplay should present a story that illustrates how Diet Coke is an ally for survival in a hectic everyday life… picking people up and calming them down… making their busy lives seem effortless.” There are 10 finalists, and a friend of mine submitted the piece that is clearly the best of a good bunch (and I sincerely mean that by the way Paul) entitled ‘The Working Girl’. If you have a minute, stop by and click “Submit vote”. I suggest going straight to the voting form because you can view all the movies on the voting page and it’s much easier. Each clip is only a few seconds long — ignore the slightly obvious advertising angle and you have to admit they’re pretty amusing.