Wedding Photos and Video

Posted by matthew on May 18, 2008 in wedding |

Matt & Lotte In amazing time, Ainslie has finished processing 415 fantastic photos from the wedding.  Now we’re sorting through them to see which ones will go where and how we want them printed.  They’re all in the photo gallery, but if you see one that you’d like in high resolution, send me an email and I’ll try and get it to you ASAP.  The photos are just one of about a thousand ways that the wedding exceeded all expectations.  You can also watch the full video (warning: it’s pretty long) which was shot by Bernard and edited by yours truly.  So many people came to us and asked if they could be a part of the day.  Ainslie, Serge, Bernard, Simon, Eileen, Heidi, and Ellen all wanted to do something special.  Then of course there was the Bridesmaid, our niece Anna and the Best Man, my brother Scott, who couldn’t have been more perfect and seemed to love every minute. The most unexpected participants were definitely Daan and Thomas, who showed up without warning at the airport just a couple of days before the big day.  Daan’s response when we asked her to be a witness was pretty memorable.  With a look of shocked disbelief she yelled,  “NOOOOOO!!!  Won’t someone else by unhappy now?!”.  Needless to say, nobody was unhappy, and we all had a fantastic time.