And Unpacking

Posted by matthew on Sep 10, 2004 in eroleplay.net, research

Meanwhile I’ve been turning the house upside down trying to find a particular bunch of notes I was working with a few months back. I want to go back through everything and put the most useful notes up here. I think somewhere here there’s a folder with my handwritten notes and some readings. Tantalisingly, I found the folder of stuff from the CHC project, and thought I’d struck it lucky. Sadly, no. I’ll keep looking over the weekend.


Tracking and Stacking

Posted by matthew on Sep 10, 2004 in eroleplay.net

Today I added a couple of features that I really think are going to be handy. First of all I installed the tracker module that provides a handy list of recent posts that can be sorted chronologically, or by title and node type. One of the main purposes of setting this site up was to be able to find my notes quickly and easily. The other nice thing I discovered by chance was this little PHP mod that allows custom blocks to make lists based on taxonomies. That’s allowed me to put a new block up on the right there — Latest Notes. I may yet improve this.