Endnote fun

Posted by matthew on Sep 14, 2004 in eroleplay.net, research, technology

Endnote 7 sucks a bit less than Endnote 6, but it’s a close call.  I got myself set up with my old installation of Word X and Endnote 7, so I can now use the Cite While You Write feature (by the way, who comes up with their snappy product titles anyway?).  The very best feature of Endnote that I’ve found so far is that it has a Palm conduit that works flawlessly, meaning I can carry my references with me to the library, make notes, and sync them back to my Mac.  Huzzah.

But what I don’t understand is why they haven’t twigged to the idea that people these days are using more than one computer regularly. I use at least 3 — my office machine, my laptop and my home desktop — and I can only assume that most people use a similar number.  Not to mention that as a student you’re probably going to be spending quite a bit of time in a library using public machines.  So if you’re off in a lab somewhere and you want to make an update to your Endnote database, presumably you’ve got to either edit a local copy (USB key anyone?) or log into your desktop and edit it remotely.

Both are problematic.  The first means you pretty much have to manage the data synching yourself, and the second requires you to have remote access to a fileserver everywhere you want to edit.  It would be more easy if you could (preferably) just sync automatically somehow or access your Endnote database over the web.


Tagging items for feedback

Posted by matthew on Sep 14, 2004 in eroleplay.net

Mike suggested I should find a way to differentiate between my private notes and ramblings here and stuff that I would like feedback on.  Since I’ve already generated a fair volume of stuff in the first week, I think this is a great idea.  I’ve created a new term for the Thesis Documents taxonomy that is simply “For Comment”.  Anything tagged with that will show up in the “Items for comment” block which I’ve set to go to the top right of the screen by default.  Once things have been commented on they can be untagged and will sink back to their normal place.


Introverts vs extroverts

Posted by matthew on Sep 14, 2004 in eroleplay.net, research, roleplays

I also read an article that popped up on google about role-plays and the self. Admittedly not the highest quality piece of research I’ve ever read, but it does raise the possible link between people’s predispositions and the extent to which playing a role has an effect on their sense of self. I made some (very brief) notes.