More good performances

Posted by matthew on Mar 20, 2005 in dance |

Yesterday was a busy day. We actually went to two dance performances in between everything else. In the morning we went to the National Theatre in St Kilda to see this year’s VCE TOP Class Dance — basically the cream of the crop from this year’s secondary school dance students from the VET and TOP programs. They had three divisions: TOP Technique, TOP Composition, and VET. We were both blown away by the quality of the perfomances. These kids are amazing.

Then at night we went along to Dance Card, a program of improvised dance solos by 5 very different dancers to ‘live’ sound and audio. In fact the music was produced mostly electronically with occasional instrumental interludes (banjos and cowbells and things) by a guy called Mark Lang. The main reason we went was to see Lotte’s teacher Helena, a Korean born dance master whose performance eclipsed the others for me. I highly recommend checking it out, but I think the last performance of the season is this afternoon at 5pm, so you’d better be quick.