Posted by matthew on May 6, 2005 in dance

One of the true delights of being an organiser of a lindy hop event is getting to know people. Not just people in your own lindy hop scene — that’s a delight in itself, but just about anyone should be able to do that if they are persistent. Getting to know people from all over the world who share the same passion that you do. My next trip to Herrang will by my 5th, which means I have probably been there more times than any other Australian I guess. The main reason I go is definitely because of MLX. It’s a way to tell people about our exchange, and it’s also a way to speak to those particular people you want to invite. It was at Herrang last year that I finally got to catch up with Lorenz and Ursi, and I think they wouldn’t have made it down for SwingCity if I hadn’t been able to see them in person that second time.

So now Ursi is back in Melbourne visiting her newfound friends (and one in particular). She’s even planning to come back on a semi-permanent basis next year. Lotte and I had lunch with her in Lygon Street today and just talked about swing organising the whole time. Apart from being an amazing dancer Ursi is just one of the nicest (and cutest) people I’ve ever met. She’s teaching workshops on May the 21sts and 22nd, by the way, so if you’re a lindy hopper in Melbourne I highly recommend that you get there. She’s truly a world class dancer.