The swizzle

Posted by matthew on May 9, 2005 in health

One ingredient turned out to be more important than all of the others in that recipe. The swizzle. Turns out I have viral labyrinthitis, which explains why I was feeling so crap this morning. Basically it’s extreme dizziness and nausea caused by a virus getting into your inner ear. It got worse after I posted, and I had a bunch of dizzy spells over the weekend so it all fell into place when the doc peered inside my ear canal. I can’t work like this. I have felt ill all day and dizzy for most of it. So it’s off home (or somewhere) to rest, a course of antibiotics, and anti-nausea drugs for a couple of days.


Recipe for extreme sleepiness

Posted by matthew on May 9, 2005 in health, life

1 Friday night dance night (5am or later)
1 Renovation preparation box-moving exercise (start 10am or earlier)
1 Saturday night birthday party (4am or later)
1 Breakfast with friends (start 10 am or earlier)
1 Contact improvisation class (2 hours or more)
1 Mother’s Day family meal
1 Host film premier with extremely fast dancing involved (12 am or later)
1 Early morning commencement of renovations (7am start)

Take all of the above and stick them together in one weekend. Garnish with the remains of a cold and swizzle.