Sea Legs

Posted by matthew on May 13, 2005 in health, life |

This ear thing is really not a lot of fun. Just when I thought I was feeling really great I had a pretty bad afternoon. This morning I woke up and felt absolutely fine, with no symtoms at all. I got through till around midday before I started feeling bad. I probably had about half an hour of feeling like crap before I cae good again. Then Lotte and I met up for lunch and just before we got there I started feeling bad again. It’s really hard to describe the feeling. It’s a bit like you’ve been away on a ship for a week and you’re trying to find your land legs again. On top of that every now and then there’s a big swell. Only problem is, nothing is actually moving! My stomach feels constantly on the edge while this is happening and I get this sensation of being out of control. If I’m walking, I feel compelled to immediately slow down and have to fight the feeling to continue walking at all.

For the past couple of days I’ve also felt a dull headache that goes all the way up the back of my neck to the crown and behind my right eye. I decided this was one thing I could try and fix and booked in for a neck massage with our favourite massage therapist, Bernie. He is a true pro, and concentrated entirely on the magic spot in the right side that was sending a shaft of pain along the exact path of my headache. So now at least my head feels a little better.

On a positive note, last night was my first try at dancing since Monday, and I found I was able to dance with absolutely no feeling of dizziness whatsoever. It really seems as though the dizziness is not related to what I’m doing at all. In fact I seem to be more likely (or maybe I notice it more) to suffer a dizzy spell when I’m sitting down for a while. I reckon I’m also more likely to start getting the spells when I’m feeling tired, which makes sense too. Until I start feeling better I am going to try to rest up as much as possible. But I am going to try dancing again tonight.