Slippery Elm

Posted by matthew on May 30, 2005 in health |

One of the only good things about feeling unwell for a significant period of time is, of course, the feeling of relief when you have a good day. I caught myself saying to Lotte tonight “I feel so happy when I’m not sick”. She just laughed. But it’s really what I was feeling.

It’s all because of Slippery Elm. By last weekend I’d had enough of feeling nauseous all the time and was getting an increasing amount of indigestion too. It turns out that the uneasy stomach associated with this inner ear infection can result in gastric reflux. Great. So I decided to go off to the local Pharmacist and ask him what I should be doing about it. The answer was to take a strange substance called Slippery Elm after meals. It’s just the inner bark of a tree ground up. The stuff comes in capsules, which I just break open and mix into tea or aloe vera juice. It’s actually not all that bad tasting and man, it works. So if you’re ever feeling sick, look out for this stuff.